Nov 12, 2009

Acer: 3D Notebook in October, Netbook Q3 2010

More news from Computex. The Acer company has partnered up with Winstron to develop a 15.6" 3D notebook. This new Acer will be capable of playing 3D videos, as well as converting two dimensional videos in 3D ones.

As cool as this sounds, its awesomeness is somewhat dampened by the fact that you'll still need those awward-looking stereoscopic glasses if you want to see in 3D.

This new notebook will come with Windows 7, and Acer is waiting until the official release of the new OS to announce their newest gadget. Acer is also working on a 3D notebook that will be able to function without funny-looking glasses.
They've got a lot of technological issues to work past before that is a possibility, and it could end up being a long time before we see that notebook in stores.

Perhaps the wait will be somewhat mitigatel by the upcoming release of Acer's new third generation netbook. Acer looks to be taking a page out of the MID playbook; speed of accessibility, ease of use, and network connectivity look to be the focal points of this series.

Release is set for the second or third quarter of 2010. We still have no word on whether this new netbook will come with a touchscreen, or what operating system it will run on.

By Robert Evans,

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