Nov 16, 2009

Google Womed With iPhone Internet Usage Rate

Internet has now become an inherent part of our life; and web search the most fulfilling user experience. It has not only made place, but also at the same time made information and interactivity a lot easier.
Apart from experiencing Internet in computers all these years, mobile internet is also becoming quite a rage now.

In spite of internet access on mobile being a useful proposition, the high rates and confusing data service plans for consumers have raised doubts about the cost effectiveness and alarm of impending hefty service charges. However, since the advent of internet connectivity in Apple iPhones, mobile internet search has never been any better.

And this has been endorsed by the search engine giant Google, who in the recent Mobile World Congress (MWC) has revealed that iPhone originates 50 times more searches than any other mobile handset.
This owes credit to the superb user interfaces and simple, structured internet plans in iPhones, which encourage more internet usage in comparison to other mobile services.

The response of web search from iPhone has been so overwhelming that Google misinterpreted it as an error and ordered revising of the logs; to realize that the stats were true. There are also reports from Apple's U.K service provider, 02, which estimated that 60 percent of iPhone users in the U.K send or receive more than 25 MB of data a month.

In addition, statistics released by AT&T, United States carrier, the average revenue per iPhone user is almost double that of a person with a standard mobile handset because of the heavier data download rate for the iPhone.

Google is optimistic that other handset manufacturers go Apple's way in making web access easy, the number of mobile searches will overtake fixed internet searches in the next few years.

This super connectivity from iPhones has also been a great motivator for Google, who insists that other mobiles should also take a cue from iPhones and work towards providing similiar services.

Industry experts opine that mobile internet usage is a budding and potentially profitable market, but remain largely untapped with existing mobile phones, other than iPhones.


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