Nov 18, 2009

How To Download iPhone Application Without Credit Card

This Sunday was not an ordinary Sunday. This Sunday all iPhone applications on Apple iTunes store got jail broken and now they are free. With the release of Crackulous 0.9, DRM was successfully removed from App Store software.

This allow users to freely distribute the application they have purchased from App store. And this let you download applications from any site hosting them with out use of credit cards.

According to the Crackulous v.9 specs, the software lets you "[c]rack Applications at a time, with the most POWERFUL and EASIEST to use application available." Here's how it works: users pay for and download a legitimate copy of each application from the App Store.

Then they apply the Crackulous crack to create a version that can be distributed and run from a jail broken file system. Finally they upload the cracked version to a warez site, wherd the software is hosted for downloads.

Users can freely download iPhone applications without credit card from as thousands of users upload the application they purchased from App Store on iTunes. Isn't it wonderful?





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