Nov 6, 2009

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Viridity, which will come out of stealth mode Nov. 9, is developing software designed to give IT administrators, facility managers and C-level executives high visibility into the utilization and energy consumption of their IT equipment and applications.

The software will analyze the data and generate action reports that business can use to make their data centers more energy-efficient.

A new company coming out of stealth mode Nov. 9 is looking to giveenterprises a clearer view into their IT infrastructure and applications toenable them to create more energy-efficient environments and drive down powerand cooling costs.

Viridity is developing a software product of the same name designed to traceenergy consumption at the IT equipment and application layer and then analyzethe findings. From those, reports are generated that are intended to givebusinesses ways to balance power, cooling and IT utilization.

The software also is designed to do what industry experts say is key tocreating energy-efficient data centers and driving down power costs: bridge thegulf between IT, facilities and C-level executives.

"All the consumption of power is happening at the IT [equipment] orapplication side," Mike Rowan, Viridity founder and CTO, said in an interview. "But the way power is being addressed now doesn'taddress that side."

Currently, those three factions -IT management, facilities, and executiveslike the CIO and chief financial officer-allmonitor and manage energy consumption in the data center with similar goals ofimproving efficiency and driving down costs. But do so separately and withittle communication, Rowan said

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