Feb 14, 2010

Download Winamp557 Full emusic

Winamp Description

Winamp features the new Bento Skin that's easier to use and more powerful than ever.

Easily access the Media Library, Playlist Editor, Video, Visualizations, Media Monitor Browser, EQ, Skin Options and Color Themes all from one single user interface.

Includes over 20 color themes that suit nearly every mood or occasion!

Winamp carries forward the unobtrusive Window Shade mode.

Drag and drop media directly into a Playlist from Windows Explorer or the Media Library Jump directly to an item within the list by double clicking it or selecting the item and pressing Enter

Sort Playlists by title, file name, or path and file name Easily Open and Save Playlists from the Manage Playlist button

Download Link:

Winamp557 full emusic, download now

Source: www.freefunfiles.com

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