Jul 10, 2010

Download GigAlarm 1.343

GigAlarm is a very complex reminder and alarm program. You can set hundreds of alarms or reminders with options of performing different operations at a set time, such as: shuttind down, restarting, logging off Windows, scheduling hibernation resume, playing wave sound files (random or selected), and running programs or files (random or selected).

It also allows you to set wallpapers, play media, set the system to Hibernate, or wake the system whenever you want to. Snooze and cut-off settings are also available. The good thing is that if you delete an alarm, it will be kept in the deleted alarms section, in case you change your mind or you need to see what it was doing while active.

Pluses:Some very nice settings are the synchronization of the system clock with server times from the Internet, display world time, and the display of your biorhythm

Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion:
A fully featured, versatile, and useful application. Considering its well-designed interface, ease of use, and wide array of options we could say it is an alarm software program of choice!

version reviewed: 1.34

Forgetting birthdays! Want to visit a website periodically? Need help waking up? Want your computer to turn on or off at set times? Need to keep your computer clock accurate? GigAlarm can do these tasks and more!

It can handle millions of different events that can be set to automatically repeat, with the repeat time setable to the very second or even randomly. You won't find another timer this small as full feature!

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GigAlarm, download now

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