Jul 3, 2010

Updating Software BlackBerry

By updating the software on your smartphone, you'll have access to new features and functions. Updating your BlackBerry Device Software is free and easy.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Profesional Software Users

If your BlackBerry smartphone is integrated with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express or BlackBerry Professional Software, your IT department may have plans for updating your smartphone's software already.

Learn more updating your smartphone software in an enterprise

Other BlackBerry Smartphone Users
Important Note:
This page require Firefox or Windows Internet Explorer v5.5 or later, running on Windows.

If you're viewing this page from a Mac computer, you'll need to download BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac to update the software on your smartphone. After installing the software, connect your BlackBerry Smartphone to your Mac and you'll be promted to update your device software automatically.

Download Link:

download BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac

Source: http://na.blackberry.com

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