Jun 28, 2009


If you access the internet we need certain in information that is accurate according request. We certainly need to search site to help us and the site search engine like google, yahoo and bing is not foreign any more.

Yahoo in the form of the earlier occurrence of the most influental in the search site is now the last bing site search, search engine company made software microsoft.

Web search engine works by saving a lot information about web page that is directly taken from in-site. Home page this page on the web crawler take with a web-browser that automatically follows every link in the see it.

The contents of each page in the analysis to detekmine how to index (for example, in the words taken from the title,sub title or special fields called meta tag) date about web pages are stored in on index datebass for use in the next search.

There is anather type of search engine search real-time, whic h in a arose, as this machine does not use index. Information in the machine need only callect the new search if there is.

The most part in the search engine is in algorithm the cooperation of all element comman search. The some basic algorithms search, several respective search engines adopt of the basic algorthm with a spesific implementation, working in accordance with the system search for keywords from web pages, thus the pattern of search engines that help us the finding the information we find on the internet.

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