Jul 5, 2009


Search engine optimization (SEO) is relationship conducted a systematic process that aims to increase the volumd and quality of traffic from search engine to a spesific web site address by utilizing the mechanism of natural algoritma search enigne.

SE0 is a specific goal to place a web site address on the top of search results based on a particular subject.

The logical, the address of the site occupying the top position of search results has a greater opportunity to get a visitor.

With the development of the web as a medium for business. The need for servicess is also increasing SEO.

Stoney deGeyter founded pole sition marketing in 1998 working from from a home office and has since turned it into a leading search engine marketing business with a small team of seasoned reno SEO and marketing experts.

Stoney pioneered the concept of destination search engine marketing which is the driving phisolophy on how pole position marketing helps their clients expand their onlie presence and improve online conversion rates.

Stoney a moderator at the small business ideas forum, a regular contributor to the search engine guide blog and has a monthly column on search engine land.

He posts his SEO and business insights at the E-marketing performance blog where you can also find his e-books: E-marketing performance: Effective strategies for building,
Optimizing and marketing your website Online and keyword research and selection: the definitive guide to gathering, sorting and Organizing your keywords into a high-performance SEO campaign.

Stoney is married with five wonderful children and, if away from the computer long enough, enjoys riding his dirt bike, watching DVDs, reading books and spending quality and quantity time with the family.

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