Jul 1, 2009


Unemployment in the united states increased to up to the highest number since 1983 when the employers dusmiss wokkers and 663,000 people and cutting work hours hinha the lowest number, the estimated number in di caters the goverment number of labor department reported the U.S. unemployment jumped to 8,5 percent in march revition ago and estimates for the month of january showed a loss 741,000 work largest number since october 1949.

Turu economy has lost 5.1 million because the work is explosed to U.S. recessian since 2007,then, approximately two-thirds of the job loss accurted in five mons latest, President american, barack obama said that figure is "a reminder that in fact" to U.S. economic gloom.

The highest flood ration 32.2 million people, one of 10 united states, now reiceving flood ration.

The main program is the U.S. goverment to help citizens and hunger can not afford to buy food, the goverment said a day since the beginning.

Averase provit is 112,82 dollars per person in january.

"weakening economy that more people registered in the SNAP (additional nutrition assistance programs) food ration",said research center, a group that strives to combat food ration hunger.

Benefits in the estimated number will be increased to 13 percent for a while in this month under the economic stimulus law signed by barack obama,U.S. president, an increase of 80 dollars for household of four people.

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