Jun 29, 2010

Assured Purchasing Management

Our Purchasing Management system will provide you with all of the tools needed to efficiently manage the purchasing function of your company.

You are able to quckly create purchase orders with an unlimited number of detail line items. You are also able to purchase items for stock, or directly to a sequence on a current job that was entered through our Job Entry system.

Your purchase orders may be printed or faxed directly from your computer. Once a purchase order is entered, it can be tracked by vendor, item number, or by work order. Purchase order reporting allows you to produce reports detailing items such as open purchase orders, open dollar amount, purchase order history, and vendor performance.

Vendor performance tracking indicates the quality of your vendors' deliveries to your shop, by displaying the number of on-time shipments, and also the number of lots accepted and rejected.

Purchase Orders may be printed or faxed directly to your vendor. Purchase Orders may be entered with unlimited line items.

Purchase Inquiry may be made for a specific part, work order, or vendor.

Purchase inquiry instantly details actual receipt dates, quantities, and costs.

Purchase reports track incoming supplies and late or past due receipts.

Line items are kept open untill quantities are received, or you may manually close a line item. Vendor Performance is tracked indefinitely showing on-time shipments, lots accepted and rejected.

Purchase order history may be kept indefinitely.

Purchase order information automatically links to our Inventory Management system.

Our Purchasing Management and Control system is totally integrated with our Job management, Inventory Management, and Accounts Payable systems.

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