Jun 26, 2010

BillQuick Lite for Business

BillQuick Lite is one of the most powerful timecard and project management tools on the market. It is designed with a complete open architecture that makes add-ons and custom modules possible to greatly enhance and customize BillQuicks features to the unique needs of your office.

Implementing BillQuick Lite in your office will result in reduced overhead, more accurate time tracking, and increased revenue. BillQuick Lite is a limited version of BillQuick 2000 provided free of charge to consultant all around the world.

BillQuick Lite will allow a user to enter time in as little as two key strokes. The program will review the client data and bill intelligently at the appropriate time. The Time Card module gives you full access to enter time directly into the system and have it intelligently generate invoices.

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BillQuick Lite, download now

Source: www.freefunfiles.com

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