Jun 20, 2010

Texas Hold'em Video Poker Game

Texas Hold'em Video poker is a nice game. It enables you to spend time in front of your computer while having fun. Of course, you need to know and like the Texas Hold'em
poker game,
in order to be able to play this one.

There's no help file available, so if you don't know how to play poker, you're in trouble. On the other hand, using the game is quite simple. You just need to deal the cards, and choose the best pair of cards out of the 5 ones that are available. The application displays a percentage below each pair of cards. This percentage reveals the winning chance of each pair.

There are 13 decks of cards available. These decks are exactly the same as the ones used by Windows Solitaire. On the right bottom side, the current score is shown. You can view your hits, misses, and the games you won.


It's not possible to play this game on a network, with your friends.

In Conclusion:Overall, this game is not very rewarding, but it works ok.

Download our free Texas Hold'em Video Poker game for single player poker fun. The game presents Texas Hold'em in a unique Video Poker format. Select one of 5 pocket pair to the flop and watch as the turn and river reveal the actual winner. Each pocket pair is labeled with the % rank relative to all 6ther 169 pairs. And an accurate % winning chance for each pair to the current flop is also displayed. Free for unlimited use

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Texas Hold'em Video Poker, download now

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