Jun 29, 2009

City of vallejo, california already bankrupt

City of vallejo is located in the united states. Into the are vallejo california state 117 people in the city experincing a bugdet deficit, bugdet deficit reached USD 16 milion.

And the city of 126.3 square kilometers it does not have a reserve fund at all, retoil sales continue to decline. Like wise with the value of the properti.

Make decisions on the bankrupt take officials after the city was a meeting 6 mey ago.

Voting is done in the city countil members also agreed unanimously on the bankrupt. "this has been a long process that is cousing all these who have frustation no with here tonight." said the head of countil of vallejo joseph tanner.

The couse of bankrupt vallejo is the high police oficers the fire.lebih exting visher from 80 percent in the city bugdet in reserve for out needs.

During the last two years, the goverment is negatiations with the two instituations is to reduce their salaries, but there is no word agree.

Some the bankrupt rate in the city countil because the leader the pains. "this city,suffered management and error in the bankrupt claim more than that actually."said union spokesman ken shomener.

Through in the wall indicate than there is no change in the service and will running normally.

Of communication with various parties in the city of vallejo can expert in the search for solutions, for problims is happening in the is. So all run normally again.

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