Jun 30, 2009


You want to travel to paris franch? There are many interesting location in the city which is cool. Go to site www.tourisme-paris.info there you will find and mapa recreation in the park, such as a entertainment and water park where young and old at the swimming pool recreation.

Many restaurants ofter
the cousine, paris city of interesting trips and vacations you! You can find a map of paris to set the travel in the region have this.

There restaurant corcise and if you want to prepare for the future if you want to live in paris you can rent a place to live in corcisa.

To learn more about the city of paris you open the site www.guide-france.info location that is popular in france parc de saint-cloud, with its location near paris, in the garden city of houts-de-seine in the paris area of 400 hectares you can see a concerts there.

Then guignol theater du pare de saint-cloud will fun for chilldren and adults. At a certain time each year, you can see the firefoks pyrotecnic show.

Close to the parc de st clou. There are garfns walkin tour from the osplade du mont valerien. Relaxation place in paris is also found in the western city of paris,
cool place in the
saint-germaint-en-laye habitation in the trees by the road map and provif guadance in the path bridlways, do not forset if you wan to visit paris maintenon from about 500 kilometers.

Some of the habitation apartement by madame de monteon (secret wile wile lous xlv) the fountain of chakau de versailles located not from the palace ramboullet have attractions which you can find.

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